Jonas Kocher, accordion
Christian Kesten & Stefan Thut, composition
Recorded at Studioboerne 45 Berlin in July 2014 by Christoph Schlimbach.
Mixed by Jonas Kocher and mastered by Ilia Belorukov.
Ekopack single CD. Photograph by Lucas Dubuis, design by Ilia Belorukov.

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Also available on bandcamp (digital & physical copy) and on Metamkine


Christian Kesten - Untitled (solo for accordion) (2014)
(Written for Jonas Kocher and premiered in Paris in April 2014)

The accordion contains some remarkable mechanical characteristics. In the highest register of the right hand, the last few buttons don’t play the expected tones. The pitches are simply too high. The necessary reeds would be too small and fragile to produce them. These buttons transpose the tones an octave down. The buttons in the neighbouring octave do play the expected tones. One might assume that the two octave registers would actually play the same pitches. But as they play them on different reeds, there is a slight microtonal difference. - ck2016


Stefan Thut - Eine/r 1-6 (2007)

If the full set of chromatic pitches within a wide range is randomly generated the probability of new pitches appearing decreases. Repeated events become silences. A group of two or three pitches is represented here by the variables y and z, single events by the variable x, reminiscent of a single point in Euclidean space. The present score mirrors the concluding section of the above procedure. - st2016